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About ARNA

Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance (ARNA) is a network of anti-capitalist, feminist and antifacist groups from the Nordic countries. Together we have created a coalition of groups spanning across borders. The network has made it possible for us to mobilize and participate in joint struggles against state, patriarchy and capitalism, and work collectively towards our goal of a stateless and classless society.


ARNA was formed as a collective network in anticipation of the G20 meeting in Hamburg 2017. Since then we have developed into an effective network for joint action and political mobilization through our part in blockading the Nazi march in Gothenburg in 2017 and in the Strike Back action in Stockholm in august 2018. The foundation of our struggles stems from a common understanding of the political landscape and the importance of extra-parliamentary politics. We are Revolutionaries. We are Feminists. We are Anti-fascists. 


We are a non-hierarchial network, which means that affiliated groups retain their autonomy whilst affiliated with ARNA. We consistently strive towards working closely with one another on the principles of solidarity, internationalism and free association. We continuously accept new groups in the alliance. It is important to note that we only welcome groups, not individuals, as members of the network. Individuals are, however, always welcome to form groups which are then able to join the network. To join or start a discussion concerning inclusion into the ARNA-network or some other issue please email the group geographically closest to you as there is no central organizing structure of ARNA.

Political platform

We want a society without classes and and without states

Our political ambitions are guided by the same goal: that we want to liberate humanity and create a free association of everyone for everyone. By necessity this means the end of reckless exploitation of nature, an end to war and an end to nation-states.


We are revolutionaries

Class society is a murderous creature, all historical progress in it has been combated through violent resistance from the system itself. We know that we need a revolution in order to overthrow capitalism and usher in a new world.

We are against parliamentary politics

Bourgeoisie parliaments are the administration of the capitalist system, a system which necessarily changes the most hardened revolutionary who goes into parliaments into a bureaucrat for the upholding of class society.

We are against reformism

Reformism is always intrinsically linked with parliamentary politics and class society, it divides movements and leads them away from being able to smash capitalism and instead strengthens it. We are opposed to all groups, movements and tendencies which strike deals with our class enemies and which for this cause attempts to represent and reign in radical movements.


We are feminists

Patriarchal domination exists on every level of our society. We combat sexist tendencies both in the streets and inside of the revolutionary movement itself. Fighting the lack of access to power and resources which women and non-binary individuals suffer is at the forefront of any anticapitalist development, there is no revolutionary struggle without a feminist struggle.


We are antifascists

Our society is built on a global division of labor and exploitation. Tens of thousands are left to suffer and die due to the politics of the European countries. Fascist mobilizations and reactionary groups try to whip up racist antagonisms which hide the true conflicts in society, those between the global working class and the owning class. Thus we develop antifascist and antiracist strategies and practices in all sectors of life.


We are in solidarity with each other

Solidarity is not just a slogan for us but a way of life and an absolute necessity. Solidarity means to organise to support each other in order to form true collectivity, beyond national borders and against the attempts of the state and capital to divide us. Solidarity is our weapon.

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