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Solidarity Campaign Calendar

The work is ongoing! the campaign is on! we have many plans, tactics and ideas for showing support for our political comrades in Europe. Below is an overview on whats happening all around in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Keep yourself updated for we will be adding more stuff during our campaign!

Our campaign is focused on raising funds to provide financial assistance to multiple political prisoners, including the Italian anarchist Alfredo Cospito, the German antifascist Lina, and several French comrades arrested in the latest riots against pension reform. These individuals have been arrested and charged with various crimes related to their activism and political beliefs, and they are facing long prison sentences, medical expenses and legal fees.

By supporting our campaign, you will be helping to provide crucial financial assistance to these individuals and their families. Your donations will be used to cover legal fees, medical expenses, and other costs associated with their imprisonment.

We believe that no one should be imprisoned for their political beliefs, and we are committed to standing in solidarity with our comrades who are currently under attack from the state. With your help, we can provide the support they need and combat the state terror.

Our goal is to collect at least 2500 Euro you can support the campaign here on Firefund:

Check out the plans for actions, events, support parties and a bus trip Below and we will update the calendar and on our networks social media periodically.

They have the guns, the money and the prison system. We have each other and our undying solidarity.

Lets use it, lets win!

Fight state terror!

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