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We’re always told what is right and what is wrong, defined by someone else than ourselves.

First, we refuse to listen to you, and second we won't choose between the two - we demand everything!

There is no contradiction between partying and fighting.

People from everywhere, who experience this opression, unite.

We will not be defined as victims or survivours, even if you try to reduce us to that. Even if there is a world order that defines us as being of less value.

We are fighters.

We are here, because our mothers and their mothers decided to fight.

We are here because the feminist movement, along with the civil rights movement, is one of the most powerful liberation movements in history.

We'll carry on, until capitalism, patriarchy, racism and fascism is just a bad memory.

Throughout Europe, racist movements try to use feminism for their purposes. Saying they want to defend our rights, saying that violence and rape is something alien to ”western culture”.

Don’t try to sell us your bullshit theories, don’t contaminate feminism with your racist ideas.

You’ve tried to hold us down for centuries - raping us, beating us up, exploiting our bodies both at work and in our homes.

We know perfectly well what you want.

To own us, to control our lives and our bodies.

Throughout history you have tried to control us and our bodies.

Sterilizing the ones of us you didn’t find good enough, using others of us as breeding cattle, forcing us to give birth. Mutilating love, institutionalizing rape through marriage.

White male racists. To us, you are nothing more than scum, aspiring slave owners.

Don’t try and tell us that sexism, rape and violence against us is something ”imported”, something alien.

We've felt your violence in first hand.

White supremacy is patriarchy.

Patriarchy is part of capitalism. We dont need your protection, you can’t speak for us.

We know exactly what your ”solidarity” with us is about.

Controling our bodies, treating us as breeding material, giving us value based on the delusion of race.

Keep your fascist hands off the feminist movement.

In your future society we are nothing more than breeding cattle. You don't fool anyone.

We are coming for you. We will fight you just as we fight other fascists.

We'll hunt you down and cut your sorry balls.

Your time is over, nationalism and white supremacy has no future - our world is a world for everyone, but you.

And we will be powerful.

We are feminists and we are fucking dangerous - all feminists to the streets!


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