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Get Going! - Anticapitalist Action Conference

All across the world a wave of massive protests are erupting. Protests against fascism and racism, the patriarchy, ecological collapse and the handling of the coronavirus are becoming more and more commonplace. In the United States the most militant anticapitalist and antiracist mass movement, perhaps ever recorded there, is exploding. In Lebanon and Belarus people are fighting authoritarian governments and states. In Rojava, the struggle to build another society is ever continuing and is in constant need for solidarity and support. Everywhere, things seem at the cusp of change.

Our strength as autonomous activists is in the streets, in pushing things forward. While so far it is relatively quiet in the Nordic countries, it may be the calm before the storm. The reactions by people to COVID-19 has  demonstrated a wealth of possibilities for both carrying out politics and showing us that alternate ways of living are possible. We are also seeing the beginning of a huge economic crisis, which as in previous crises, will leave us poorer and the ruling classes wealthier.

Fascists and neoliberals are currently reeling due to this, but it will not be long until they manage to regroup and find their own strategies. That is why we must meet and discuss in preparationg for our shared future ahead. We have to collaborate on strategies, discuss tactics and work out a path ahead. That is why ARNA is organizing a weekend conference in Jönköping the 30th of October to the 1st of November. The main focus of our conference will be action/intervention. We don't want to just talk but to prepare ourselves on a practical, strategical and organizational level. 

Join us! Email if you would like to set up a talk, workshop, movie screening or something else entirely(this doesn't have to be strictly related to the themes of action/intervention either, but should be relevant for the autonomous movement at large).

The Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance 

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