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Cure the Capitalist Virus! A Call for Decentralized Actions on May 1 Across the North

Suddenly, a door opens. A glimpse into another future and another now. The corona virus has shaken things up, and what was previously impossible is now possible. In America, the heartland of capitalism, there is now some form of universal healthcare and even universal basic income is discussed. Spain nationalizes it’s healthcare sector. In the Nordic countries similar reverberations are taking place. All over the world the climate is breathing a sigh of relief as pollution is way down, air flight is going extinct and logistics chains from across the globe are interrupted. Stories of neighbours, strangers and co-workers coming together to do mutual aid abounds. 

Of course, this situation also means a massive threat of increased state power and creeping authoritarianism. Capitalism doesn’t want a good crisis to go to waste. The virus meant the instant abolition of rights and freedoms, and we must be watchful that these powers go away the moment the virus does. New things are indeed possible, and not all of them for the better. 

The virus has shown the vulnerability of capitalism, how a disturbance can radiate outwards and make lives impossible. Money that didn't exist before is now thrown around by the trillions (!) by the capitalist states in order to stabilize capital. Neoliberalism, and by extension liberal politics, is shaken to it's foundations. Now is our chance to strike. At the same time, we must prepare for the inevitable attacks on the working class as the financial crisis accelerates. Let's seize the initiative and make sure that we're not the ones who are being bled dry, that we wake up after the virus to a wholly changed world rather than more austerity.  

This is a call for decentralized action on 1st of May by the Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance. On 1st of May we are unable, and unwilling, to gather in large groups but we must and should celebrate this international day of working class struggle. We call for everyone to take part in decentralized actions against capitalism and for a society without classes on and before May 1. Put up posters and stickers, do banner drops, paint graffitti, do direct action, cough on cops and make sure that everywhere people go they see a message that capitalism is the virus that we need to cure. 

Capitalism itself is the virus, and we're going to cure it. 

The Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance

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