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Antifa Offensive!

This fall links a number of antifascist events in the Nordic countries. This is a call to action to take to the streets and join these actions and to step up the antifascist struggle locally, in your own city. We urge everyone to join this campaign, to take part in the struggle, and to deal a decisive blow against fascists of every stripe and every kind, wherever they may be found in the north. 

Antifascism is a necessary struggle, a struggle against people whose worldview is diametrically opposed to ours. Rather than a free association of all people, of a global world where we have dissolved capitalism, patriarchy, and racism, the fascist dream is of a world, where the present capitalist dystopia is strengthened. That's why we fight fascism, and now we have a chance to step up our game.

You Don't Own Us

A cornerstone of fascism is the control of women’s bodies and the violent enforcement of traditional gender norms which particularly affects LGBTQIA+ people. It also, of course, glorifies a narrow, chauvinistic masculinity. The future of the nation is tied to reproduction, and thus fascists have to control women’s sexuality, which is why they always oppose the rights of women to do whatever we want with our bodies. 

We’ve seen in the recent years the weakness fascists have against feminist arguments. This fall must be one where we reinvent antifascism through the lens of feminism, where women and LGBTQIA+ people are in the frontline, where we smash the most reactionary, antifeminist parts of the political right-wing. Read more on our analysis here ( )

Internationalist Action  

We are organized on a Nordic level because our issues cannot be solved in the nation-state, because we want to live in a world beyond borders. We can see ourselves in the struggles elsewhere, which is why we support the revolution in Rojava, and why we travel across borders to fight fascists of any kind – fascists who also organize internationally and must be met with an international response.

Rojava is about to be attacked by Turkish forces and it’s jihadist allies. Jihadists are the mirror image of the European fascists, conceiving of a class compromise based on shared affiliation, of control of women, etc. Turkey itself is a dictatorship, ruled by the Erdogan clan and it’s allies, which promotes war as a way of trying to survive politically.

"If you don't want to talk about capitalism then you had better keep quiet about fascism." 

We’re not going to end fascism this fall because the roots of fascism can be found in the

capitalist, patriarchal, racist system itself. The solution is to push forward with all of our struggles, to build an international movement against state and capital. The solution is revolution. 

Our fall campaign is a step towards this direction. We want to aid the existing mobilizations and create a framework where anyone can act, wherever they are. Fight fascism locally. Spread the message of the campaign. Attend the events around the Nordic countries and take to the streets!


Day X-Rojava:

27th of September: After Antifascist Work! Last Anti-fascist pub before #12okt takes place in Stockholm! It will focus on the mobilization for October 12 and the manifestation that will take place in Stockholm, in memory of Björn Söderberg. Enskiftet, Malmö | 20.00 | Enskiftet membership SEK 20

4th - 12th of October: Antifascist days in Copenhagen (Demos)

12th of October: Facklig kamp mot nazism! Civilkuragedagen 2019

12th of October: Alle på gaden! Stop nazikonferencen!

6th of December: Antifascist protest against the fascist National Day celebrations in Helsinki.

- More to be announced!

The Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance (ARNA)

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