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Finland's Independence Day is celebrated on December 6.

In addition to that, it is also the day when fascists march on the streets of Helsinki and anti-fascists organize their biggest mobilization of the year in Finland against the fascists. This is a call for all Nordic comrades to come to Helsinki to oppose the fascist marches on that day.

Fascists have traditionally organized two different events on Independence Day. First, the openly national socialist demonstration, which was organized by the nazis of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) for several years.

After the court made NRM an illegal organization in Finland the demonstration has been organized mainly by the newly formed nazi party called "Sinimusta liike" (Blue-black movement) which includes many former NRM activists. This demonstration has been followed by the 612 torch march, which has not been as openly fascist as the first demonstration and thus sought to gather a wider range of nationalists to the streets. The initiative to organize the torch march originally came from NRM.

For years, "Helsinki without nazis" has gathered thousands of demonstrators on the streets to oppose this fascist torch march. Last year, the protest took a step into a more militant direction when it successfully blocked the route of the fascist march, forcing it to radically change its route.

After several years, the participation in the fascist marches on Independence Day have declined, as has the other street activity of the Finnish far right. Together we can bring this decline to its conclusion.

We invite anti-fascists from the Nordic countries to show their support to our comrades in Finland in the fight against the fascists and join us on 6th of December in Helsinki.

Let's take over the streets and show that fascists are not welcome in Helsinki or anywhere else!

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