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May 1st is the day of the working class and has been celebrated all over the world since 1890. The different groups in the ARNA-network participate in the Mayday-celebrations in different ways. We are separated by geography but untied in our understanding of the absolute necessity to change society at its core and once and for all smash capitalism. Dont hesitate to join us in the city wich is closest to you, and make a stand for a world with freedom, equality, dignity and justice for all!

COPENHAGEN:Revolutionary Antifascists

There is something rotten in Denmark

Demonstration from Israels Plads, 12.00  

The 1st of May we take the streets with the message that something is rotten in Denmark, to show resistance against capitalism, patriarchy, fascism and all other systems of oppression, that limit the freedom of all. The Danish state is using minorities as scapegoats to try to divide us and legitimize the active degradation of everybody’s living conditions. Especially migrants and refugees are these days targeted by Danish politicians, who, across party divides, are competing in adopting the most racist and inhumane reforms. But we can’t be divided. Instead we stand together to show that we have had enough. 

Common for all of us is that our living conditions and possibilities are restricted by capitalism. We experience daily oppression and repression because of our class, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, religions, ideologies and cultural traditions. And we want a society in which we welcome migrants and refugees, and don’t accept the Danish state’s active participation in forcing people to flee, through aggressive war policies and insufficient climate policies. We fight for a world where everybody has equal rights and possibilities in life, where nobody experience oppression and repression from the state. Therefore we will use this 1st of May to gather a variety of extra-parliamentary and radical left groups and organisations to further connect our struggles. We want to build new alliances based on internationalism and solidarity and together fight to overthrow the system and build a new society. 

See facebook event for more info:


For a classless societ!

We have an increased fascist presence in the city, with spreading propaganda and one assault. Althogugh fascist violence in the streets of Lund, and Malmö is something we've been spared from for many years, and as we see it, the non-presence of fascists is generally not changed. But anyways, we know that the antifascist movement has to be better organised against this in the near future. We also know of course, that the sitution is different in the cities and villages around us in Skåne (as well as in other parts of Sweden, and also for example Denmark), and that we have to increase our presence there to push back the fascist organising for real. 

What we learn from this is that it is crucial to spread information about fascist activity, and to act directly to any threat. Whether we are dealing with stickers, flyers, posters, demonstrations or fascist moving freely and assaulting; we have to respond, we can never let their presence be a part of everyday life.

But our focus is not the fascists. Our analysis of society and radical organising, is that if we want to push back our enemies (not only fascist, but also the upperclass, the policies of the right wing as well as those who are maintaining the status quo), we have to push our own agenda, and we have to strive for winning. We are not afraid of a polarised society between the antagonisms for capitalism and liberal democracy, because our goal is to put it all to an end, to replace it with a class- and state less society. Neither are we worried that our tactics will raise the tensions between the left and the fascists, becuse we know that we are the best at defeating them, not those who are debating them and giving them platforms, whitewashing the political situation aiming for societies opposites to meet, talk and live in harmony. We have to end that idea of consensus, and we have to fight for a classless society!

LUND:Autonom Organisering

For a classless societ!

On 1st of May we organize an annual revolutionary May 1st together with other groups in Lund, both from ARNA and others. This year our headline is "For a classless society", which summarize what we fight for. We are an autonomous group based in Lund that work with issues like feminism, anti-fascism, internationalism and workplace struggles. We have been a part of ARNA since the start and we work a lot with developing a trans-national movement in mostly northern Europe. We are also part of the two social centres that exists in Lund, India Däck book café and Smålands Nation.

1st of May is a symbolic day for the working class. We find it important to organize a revolutionary May 1st and not join in with the political parties that also celebrate May 1st. In Lund we always organize these dates together with other groups and activists, something that binds us all together. This year we will have focus on Strike Back and our campaign Students Strike Back.


There is no alternative!

Demonstration, Möllevångstorget, 15.00

"The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today." August Spies, Chicago, 1st of may 1886, moments before he was hanged.

The political context in which we celebrate Mayday this year finds the international and the local class of the exploited long away from what workers won after the strike of May 1st 1886 in Chicago, US. It was this strike that turned Mayday into a day that signifies labour struggles until this very moment.

Mayday constitutes a unique moment in the history of social and class struggle. The struggles of workers and anarchists in Chicago leave the international movement with a great heritage and responsibility. The world of state and capital is bankrupt. They cannot address our real social needs and they cannot promise anything else than injustice, poverty, repression and inequality. 133 years after the workers’ revolt in Chicago, the need to link our demands and dreams with a wider political project for subverting the world of power towards a libertarian transformation of society, is timelier than ever. On the ruins of parliamentarism, block-politics, reformism and humanitarian illusions, we need to build an emancipated society based on dignity, justice, respect for the environment, freedom, and solidarity. The anarchists in Chicago got one thing right for sure - there is no alternative but to destroy the national state and capitalism!

GOTHENBURG: Framåt kamrater

Defend the right to strike!

Central Kungälv Antifascist demonstration 11.30

Masthuggstorget Syndicalist 1 may demonstration 18.00

We start in Kungälv - No nazis, anywhere!

We will go to Kungälv together with Göteborgs Antifascistiska Front to try to keep Kungälv nazi-free. We see it as our duty to stop fascist propaganda and their ability to organize. This is true for both the city of Gothenburg and neighbouring towns. 

Gothenburg in the afternoon - join our block!

Efter we have been to Kungälv we go back to Gothenburg to celebrate the international workers day. The syndicalist union has postponed their demonstration to make sure that comerades are able to both make a stand against fascism and participate in the traditionall demo. We in Framåt kamrater will have our own block in the demo, you can find us by our flags! 

In the evening - socialize for the right to strike!

The social centre Syndikalistiskt Forum will arrange the traditional 1st of May party at the restaurant Sorentos, staring at 20.00. All money made goes to the campaigns fo the right to strike. Be there or be a square!


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